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{March 20, 2011}   Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Best Quote: pg 241

“I mentally try to add up all the things I’ve done in my life, but no clear picture emerges, nothing that will tell me what kind of person I am – just a lot of haziness and blurred edges, indistinct memories of laughing and driving around.  I feel like I’m trying to take a picture into the sun: all of the people in my memories are coming back featureless and interchangeable.”

And I ask you.  Isn’t this what we all do?

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver captures your attention immediately through its cover.  The close up of a girl’s face with eyes staring, beckoning reader’s to open the book and read her story.

Samantha Kingston takes your on a 7-day journey, except it’s the same day over and over – Cupid Day – where getting the most roses determines your popularity and getting no roses is worse than death.  Or so Sam thought until she actually died.  As Sam relives the same day, she learns two of life’s hardest questions: Who am I? And what is my purpose?  The repeating days is alarming at first then annoying, but Sam realizes life’s not only about ourselves.  It’s about who we meet and how we grow better from them.

I worried at first reading the same day 7x would be boring; however, it was strangely exciting.  Each day there were more details about the “watery” morning sun, and more insight into Sam’s beautiful mind.  Each day there were more questions and self examinations as Sam learned who her friends really were, why she would love them despite their flaws, and what’s really important in life and being yourself.

The book relates to everyone as Sam directly speaks to the reader the truth we all know: “You’re just like me.  You would’ve done the same thing.”

If you’re thinking this is just a written form of the movie The Butterfly Effect, you’re gravely mistaken.  This character is 10x more believable, and it is apparent Lauren Oliver wrote from her heart.


Age Recommendation: 16 and up

Why? Because of teenage drug usage, sex, and cursing (for all parents concerned about potty mouths like my mom T.T)

Like music and this book review? Check out “For Good” from Wicked

Grade: B+


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