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For Christmas I asked for an old, hardback of Alice in Wonderland. Instead, I received a greater gift. It was an old, hardback of  The Line of Love. Its pages are yellow and torn, and the pictures have onion paper over it. It’s publication date is September 1905 by Harper & Brothers. Each page looks like is has been illuminated with the border around each page, and the books holds the love stories/tragedies of every generation of a family. How a book looks heightens interest!

The culture of this time was different. It says “love was only the man’s folly, the woman’s diversion.”
They believe in destiny because twice it says, ” Fate grinned and went on with her weaving.”
I loved reading these stories right before bed. They were like longer fairy tales and although not all of them were happy, I still loved the stories. The details were mostly about the beauty of the girl or the roses in the garden.
Best part: story of Adalais
Age: 14+
Grade: B+


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